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  • A House Transformed

    Singleton Van Buren
    Hall paper

    President Van Buren transformed the unoccupied building he purchased in 1839 into a home where family and guests were made to feel welcome.  

    Daughter-in-law Angelica expressed joy in an 1845 letter to her mother, sharing that four-year-old Singleton's "little shrieks of delight can be heard all over the house when he is shown the dogs, cats, etc. of the Hall paper."

    A friend visiting in 1846 noted that, "It is impossible to describe a more affectionate family than the home circle at Kinderhook. The intercourse between the father and his sons is of the most confidential and endearing kind. The amiable disposition of Mr. Van Buren, his invariable good nature and indulgence, make every inmate of his household happy."

    Lindenwald was home to the Ex-President, as his sons fondly called him, until July 1862 when he passed away at the age of 79.